From this course, I have learned so much about PLN’s and gained a brand new perspective about the benefits of having a PLN professionally. Prior to this course, I knew that social media could be used in a professional and educational setting, however, I did not think that I would ever be able to use it that way. I have always used social media to connect with friends and family and share photos of fun things I do for my followers.

Moving forward, I will work towards developing my PLN in a more professional manner, especially since graduation is fast approaching. I am always on social media, so why not use it as a means of learning? After reflecting on my own PLN, I have realized that it is not as diverse as I would like it to be. I will be using the knowledge and tools that this course has taught me to expand my PLN and to use it for more than connecting and socializing. I truly appreciate all this course has taught me and I’m excited to put this new knowledge into action.